Add a team of Nature Care therapists

Do you have Traditional Chinese Medicine in your blood? Do you want to help people with their ailments? Are you looking for a team of equally lighted people? Join us.

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Our Therapists of Nature Care Clinic

RNDr. Lenka Romanová, Lic. Ac., MBAc.C.

Acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional chinese medicine and founder of Nature care clinic

Martina Junková

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine combining acupuncture with deep tissue massage.

Michaela Janatová, DiS.

Therapist of traditional Chinese medicine with an individual approach to health, psychological and relational problems.

Nathan Billings

Nathan excels at helping you with your musculoskeletal pain, including back pain, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, surgery recovery, or if you’d just like to come in for a stress reducing tune-up.

External Therapists

Mgr. Elen Kopecká

Woman who follows her dreams. An excellent massage therapist specilizing in deep tissue massage.

Sara Dias

Acupuncturist from Portugal with 10 years practise.