7 recommendations for an autumn restart

7 recommendations for an autumn restart

The autumn restart according to the TCM

  • 1. Proper rehydration of the organism

    Proper drinking routine is not coming easy to some of us. In hot steamy days we usually drink enough, but once it cools down, we may ease off. Our body needs water to function properly. We can flavor water with herbs, lemon or cinammon or/and we can add weak herbal teas of diluted natural juice. It is recommended to drink every two hours a glass of water to ensure a sufficient water intake.

  • Do not drink cold water. It is best to drink a water of the room temperature.

  • 2. Get your metabolism to work properly

    During hot summer days our body is programed to cool down. It is necessary to get our metabolism going again. Water helps again. Add to your daily routine drinking of a hot water. You can add slices of ginger or cinammon to increase metabolism.

  • Do you know that Chinese drink a cup of warm water after the meal? Let their wisdom inspire you.

  • 3. Help your body to safe the energy

    With the arrival of autumn many changes take place in our bodies. To prevent viral infections our system needs to work properly with our energy. You can help it . Gradually stop eating salads and raw vegetables and replace them with warm cooked vegeteable dishes. It will be better for your digestition and your body would not need to give out too much energy to digest it as well. An experienced nutritional therapist will help to adjust your eating plan to your needs.

  • Eat seasonal fruit and vegeatables.

  • 4. Remove an excess water

    During the hot summer days our body retains water. To help remove water drink herbal teas and take special lymfatic massages. With the excess water, toxind and residual agents will leave the body too.

  • Lymfatic massages are useful to loose weight and to deal with the orange skin.

  • 5. Slim down

    Before the summer we were slimming to fit into the swimming costumes. In summer we might have eaten too much creamy icecream or attend too many barbecues and summer parties. No reason to despair, we can get rid off an excess weight with the help of acupuncture and Slimming program.

  • Add more excersise intou your routine. Sometimes it helpful to leave the train few stops earlier and to walk to work. Or to ignore the elevator.

  • 6. Reduce the acidity of the organism

    Our organism ideally maintains a slightly alkaline environment. Daily stress, unsuitable diet and alcohol consumption or smoking increase the acidity of your internal enviroment. It results in fatique and gradual development of different diseases. Focus on de-acidifying your body and prepare it for the fight with autumn viroses. Nutritional therapist can advise how to improve your diet. To stop smoking and drinking we can achieve with the help of ear acupuncture (NADA protocol).

  • The first aid to alleviate the overacidification of the organism is a lemon water. Its regular consumption helps to reduce the internal pH.

  • 7. Remove toxins and residual substances from your body

    Summer barbecues, stress at work, overworking and enviromental factors are to blame that the body is not capable to expel all toxins and residual substances. They can deposit in different parts of your organism. Over the time they can cause various health issues and diseases. Acupuncture and detox can help to prevent even severe illnesses.

  • Allow into your daily routing a regular relaxation. The moments just for you will help you to restore your balance . Calming down will have a positive effect on the digestion and cardiovasculat system.

  • Do not wait until first problems and viral infections strike, but try to prevent it. To book an appointment call 222 515 923, 602 235 117, 723 948 895.