Traditional Chinese medicine and Assisted Fertility

Traditional Chinese medicine and Assisted Fertility

Traditional Chinese medicine can help couples who can not get pregnant for the long term and choose the way of assisted reproduction. Properly applied acupuncture can increase embryo transfer rates by 15-20%.

  • At our Nature Care Clinic we offer a program designed for women who fail to get pregnant naturally.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine can affect the outcome of assisted reproduction, increasing embryo transfer rates by 15 to 20%. In addition, we can alleviate the side effects of hormone administration during IVF or help relieve stress that can be associated with the assisted reproduction process.

  • Preparation for IVF

    If possible, we recommend that women undertake several sessions before the IVF cycle begins. Ideally, five sessions during IVF to achieve the greatest possible effect. These five sessions are timed for the first to occur before the IVF starts, the next for hormonal preparation and stimulation. Finally, we apply the acupuncture twice on the embryo transfer day.

  • Acupuncture before and after embryo transfer

    Scientific studies have shown that two acupuncture sessions over 24 hours before and after embryo transfer increase by 15 - 20% of their success.

  • Acupuncture and insemination

    Application of acupuncture is important if we want to influence egg quality in women and spermogram in men. In women, we help increase ovarian activity, increase uterine mucus, compensate for hormonal levels and relieve stress. We recommend performing acupuncture just before insemination and about a week after insemination.

  • Male sterility

    Regular visits by men to the Nature Care Clinic and the application of acupuncture at an interval of 70-100 days before the start of IVF will increase the quality of sperm, their number, momentum, and abnormalities.

  • Care during the IVF cycle

    You can also find other care options during IVF - deep, relaxation and pregnancy massage and the solution of female sterility by Ludmila Mojžíšová method. And last but not least, the suicidal support of our therapists.