Mgr. Elen Kopecká

I apply a holistic approach to the musculoskeletal system to relieve muscle tension and relieve pain.

Originally personnel manager with the motto: "Never too late ... to fulfill our dreams." Since 2009 she dedicated to recondition massage techniques to reduce muscle tension, relieve stiffness and improve their overall mobility.

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  • She received a degree in one and a half-year study at the prestigious NSW School of Massage and massage practice at renowned private clinic Chirosports during his stay in Australia in Sydney.

  • Elen also provides consultation and advice to clients who are going through a period of severe or have their life on Crossroads. He has a 3-year study of psychotherapy and 5-year old dynamic psychotherapy training SUR.

Knowledge And Skills

Basic Price List

Balancing: 1.250 CZK 1,5 hours
Massage: 750 CZK 1 hour