Mgr. Gabriela Schwarzová

Traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, phytotherapy, dietetics

Gariela welcomes everyone who comes with sincere intent and curiosity and is ready to make changes in own life. She is able to advise clients on a number of effective techniques that can be taken care of at home. Her life story is particularly close to people struggling with anxiety, emotional ups and downs.

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  • At the 1st School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she studied 4-year acupuncture under the auspices of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and holds the Acupuncture Practitioner certificate. He is currently studying the Master of Science in Advanced Oriental Medicine - Research and Practice at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York, shielded by Middlesex University of London.

  • Work with her body was initially devoted to therapeutic expression and qi gong exercise (since 2003), the journey of fate forced her to deeper into the study of classical Chinese medicine, and in 2014 she uses acupuncture site stimulation, lifestyle guidance, and rhythm in line with the cultivation of good life - yangshengfa, nutritional counseling and use of herbal mixtures and dietitians. In addition to the various techniques of stimulation of acupuncture points, it also controls the massage by flasks and jade or horn plates - the so-called guasha.

Knowledge And Skills

Basic Price List

Initial consultation: 1 200 CZK
Next appointment: 650 CZK
Massage Gausha: 1000 CZK